Is it all over for Oroszlány? The Vértesi Erőmű (Vértes Power Plant Ltd.) is waiting for a liquidator (Népszabadság, May 5, 2010)

Vértesi Erőmű might end up in liquidation; at least some personal changes hint that.

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Interview (October 2, 2009)

Bankruptcy does not necessary mean the end, the irreversible failure – says József Magyari PhD, economist. He believes that a new start, a chance for something new is an equally important aspect of crisis management. Closing something down is easy, the real challenge is to help something to get back on its feet.

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Transelektro: the end, with a purchase offer (Népszabadság)

The Transelektro Group might collapse like a house of cards within a couple of weeks, at least according to the financial comissioner of the Group. Based on József Magyari’s report disclosed on Wednesday, none of the group’s four companies will be able to survive on its own, they need either state assistance or investors.

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Cash Flow

Experience and credibility (Cash Flow, February 1999)

In the form of consultancy services or liquidation, Kossuth Holding Rt. plays an important role in facilitating competitiveness, internal and external efficiency of various market players.

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From liquidation to reorganization (Cégvezetés, March 1995)

After undergoing a liquidation procedure, the Agrikon Mezőgépgyártó Rt. in Kiskőrös is now cleaner and stronger; even the creditors are satisfied with the results and agree to the closure of the procedure.

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Kőrösi Lap

Their goal is to achieve a profit and to stay on the market (Kis Kőrösi Lap, October 21, 1994)

What are the factors leading up to the bankruptcy of the Kiskőrös production unit and later subsidiary of Agrikon Mezőgépgyártó Rt? How could life be created on the ruins of a company?

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Magyar Hírlap

Saving an industrial company in a liquidation procedure (Magyar Hírlap, September 30, 1994)

Kossuth Holding, the well known privatization expert firm delivered an outstanding performance with its latest work, a successful liquidation procedure.

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