Magyari JózsefI believe that everything that is able to work and serve us, should work. It should not be wasted leaving people without work. Factors of production should be utilized, thus ensuring employment, tax revenues, economic and community growth.

This is what I believe in, after working on more than three thousand cases as a crisis manager. Shutting down and giving up is easy, but the real essence of crisis management is to think of something new, to give a new impetus to viable elements and enable them to enhance operations and its environment. Nevertheless, closing down a company is also a complex professional challenge.

What I have learnt over the years is that at the end of the day the taxpayers pay for the consequences of crises (of individual companies and entire sectors alike). Therefore, crisis management has a great responsibility; bankruptcy should never mean the end of something, but rather, the chance for a new start based on clever reorganization.
That is what I believe in, practice and teach.