Magyari JózsefI was born in Csíkszereda (Miercurea Ciuc) on July 4, 1963.

My parents did their best to give me a chance to study, something they had only limited opportunity to do. I learnt as a small child from my parents and grandparents that success comes with hard work. They made me get used to work from my early childhood. I was working the field at the age of five, and later on, during my high school and university years, I tutored students to support myself.

That is the lesson I try to teach my teenage daughter, too; even though she was born in a more stable financial situation, still, the things she will appreciate the most are those she has worked hard for.

My hobbies are reading, travelling and sports. I regularly play basketball and tennis. I used to go running; today I would rather call it jogging.

I have been a great fan of every form of flying since I was a child. I love old vehicles and old-timers in air, water and land.